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See You at Surf!

Posted by Jackie Gallagher, Metalsmith & Jewelry Designer on

We battled Hermine and made the drive from Maryland.  We took time to stop at couple of our favorite places in St Augustine (always stay at the Double Tree) and Daytona Beach where our son went to ERAU.  Now it's time to get the show going.  Set up is tomorrow and we hope to see you Thurs-Sat Sept 8-10 at Surf!--Booth 4130 near the Boutique Lounge!  --  Jackie and John 

See you at Surf Expo in Orlando

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3 Fashion Trends I Saw in Las Vegas this week  @ #Magic # Winn # lvcc #stitch Men in womens wedge type short boots. Oh yes. This was everywhere. Nothing else to say but they pulled it off well.Long thin jewelry with barely visible charms. These wispy little things were in 90% of the jewelry [...]

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How to Create An Inspired Jewelry Design

Inspiration Comes from All OverWhat I design and create in jewelry is made by my hand. From me to you so you can have art to wear every day. I could buy from Chinaand mark it up or string some beads but I don't. When I first thought about going out on my [...]

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Welcome!So far 2015 has been a busy year!  We started off our year by introducing new pieces to our line at the Surf Expo in Orlando Florida, during the first week of the year.  It was a little cooler than we had all hoped for, but everyone came out to see what was new [...]

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