How to Create An Inspired Jewelry Design

How to Create An Inspired Jewelry Design

Posted by Jackie Gallagher, Jewelry Designer & Metalsmith on 18th Aug 2016

Inspiration Comes from All Over

Pearls and Limpet Necklace

What I design and create in jewelry is made by my hand. From me to you so you can have art to wear every day. I could buy from China

and mark it up or string some beads but I don't. When I first thought about going out on my own, I had to figure out the

difference.I relied on my own buying habits and it became clear that I wanted to design jewelry that I liked and that I would be proud to see someone else wear.

Jackie Gallagher Jewelry Designer

For me, jewelry design is accomplished in a bunch of ways. Some days its planned with a sketch pad. Most of the time it's trial and error. As I work a piece of metal it sort of tells me what it wants to be. My work bench is a mess with pieces and parts all over it. Once I have it all spread out I can put combinations together. This is the fun part...trying something that don't usually belong together and seeing it work out well.  That is when I know it will be art to someone. 

Other times its my take on something that caught my eye. This happens in the weirdest places. I'll see something but only focus one small part because of shape, texture, or color. It like tunnel vision. I become oblivious to everything else. Later, back at my studio, I try including that memory in a piece of jewelry. Those are fun and challenging. Take my JACKIE LEAF earrings for example. Saw a lady drop an earring while fidgeting with a scarf. Turns out it was some expensive Silpada sterling. She was mad. "This always happens, its my third pair", she said. As I picked it up and handed it back to her the light bulb went on. I tried three or four different things until...the JACKIE LEAF.  The trick here is the long ear wire and the return piece that catches on the back of your earlobe before the wire is anywhere close to coming out of the hole.  Basically it has to be laid horizontal in order to pass the ear wire through the earlobe.  Wahlaa!  Problem solved. Not a single earring lost in the 4 years I've made the Jackie Leaf Earring.Jackie Gallagher Designs Jackie Leaf Earrings

I am heading out to Las Vegas as I write this for the WINN and MAGIC fashion expos to see what else is trending in the fashion jewelry world. I'll update you in a few days.

If you have an idea of your own, or saw something you find interesting but don't know who to ask about it,  comment below or email me and I will be happy to do a consultation and see if we can set up a commissioned piece.   If it works out, we'll name it after you.